DOT Laminated Card… No Photo

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When driving the amount of miles that semi drivers drive…

One must wonder what else they can do to pass the time.

Some semi drivers have been taking pictures at rest stops and shops or stores to capture the memories of the highway.

Drivers are on the road so much that the government regulates the amount of miles on can drive in a given time period.

Also, semi drivers need to get a dot medical examination in order to be legally driving on the road.

But back to the photo taking semi driving individual.

America is so beautiful the pictures put into a collage would appeal to anyone not familiar with the open road.

Truck drivers get to see so much when they are driving cross country and around the states.

Heck, driving has become so popular that there is a TV show about driving under severe conditions.. and it is a good show.  It goes over all the crazy things drivers see or overcome but the general public do not know about.

Limos to the Race Track?

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Have you heard of the Daytona 500?

How about the Brickyard?

Well these are very popular race tracks that attract hundreds of thousands of people a year.

If you have never been to a car race of any kind I recommend getting to one asap.  The thrill and excitement of the speed and sound is like nothing else.

People from all walks of life can be found at the popular race tracks and car races.

Fans take St. Paul Limo Service, lifted trucks, helicopters, motorcycles, bikes and walk to the races.  Anyway you can get to the big races the better.

Race fans thrive on drinking beer, having a good time and meeting new friends and fans.  Many people think racing is boring because of the continuous circles the cars go in, but that is also what excites real fans.

See when you get to see the cars ofter, you also get to see what happens often… such as a crash or a fantastic pass move that only the professional racers can pull off.

SEO in Photos?

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Everyday people are taking pics and video’s on their phone.

With technology nowadays we are able to point and snap at the drop of a dime.

People are realizing that photos are definitely worth a thousand words… and more.

How many times have you gone to a wedding, graduation or a funeral even and seen people snapping pics and doing whatever they could just to capture the moment?

Pictures have taken over the internet and more and more people are starting to realize that time is passing by very very fast and we have to have a certain way to capture the moments..  because talking about it just is not enough anymore!

With pictures you also have the ability to get a little SEO juice to your site by naming the photos properly.

Also, by naming the photos properly you give the chance to people that computers did not load correctly but does show the text where the picture was suppose to be.

I recommend you take as many pictures as possible during your life because someday you will want to look back to show everyone what you did or what you had or where you were.

People all the time feel like they don’t want to bother with pulling out their phone to take pictures but every time I take a picture with someone or show them a pic I took of them… they are fast to ask for it to be sent to them :)